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How to create your Android application for free?

Want to start creating a free Android application ? The advantage of creating an application yourself is to keep control over your tool. You can make all the changes you want without waiting for the intervention of a developer.

To create an application without spending money, two solutions are available to you: use free “no-code” software or learn to program . Let’s see together the solutions available to you to create your application for free.

Use free Android app builder

The first solution to create an Android application for free is to use free tools. There are many software and applications that will allow you to create an Android application for free. Obviously, these tools don’t always give you a very advanced level of customization, but they can be enough to create a small application to start with.

We have unearthed for you 8 free tools to help you create an Android application for free.

8 Free Android App Makers

Android application creation goes through the use of an app-builder, which does not require coding knowledge. Here is our top 8 free Android application creation software!

Andromo: create an Android application for free without code

Andromo is a very popular free Android application creation tool. It must be said that it greatly facilitates app development… All you have to do is create your account, fill out forms to add features, graphics or content and your app comes to life!

However, the disadvantage of Andromo is that it does not have a preview screen. You won’t be able to see what your app looks like in real time. However, you will be able to receive it on your mobile, test it and modify it if necessary.

If you run a Shopify store, this free Android app builder helps you turn it into a native e-commerce app.

Finally, be aware that applications created with Andromo’s free plan will contain advertisements.

AppsGeyser: Create an Android app in 5 minutes

The AppsGeyser tool is totally free. It does not require any fees, charges, subscription plans, or limits on the number of Android apps. On the other hand, the site collects 50% of any monetization that you will make with your creation.

The strong point of the software is to offer more than 70 different templates to create your app in 2 minutes, top time!

Unlike Andromo, AppsGeyser offers a preview screen to view your app in real time.

AppyPie AppMakr

AppyPie AppMakr is a cloud-based free Android app builder. There is no limit on the number of apps you can create or the number of updates to add.
You can follow your applications on a dashboard, adjust their appearance and add content from this interface. You will be able to start with the free version, but then you will have to pay a one-time payment of $99 to publish your creation on the Google Play Store.

GameSalad: create a game on Android without coding for free

If you are looking to create a game for Android, GameSalad is what you need. This software is designed specifically for creating and publishing games for mobile platforms.

Working on GameSalad requires no prior programming knowledge and involves using a drag-and-drop interface.
The platform also includes a forum where you can seek feedback from other users, which can help you create a successful Android app for free.

Appery: create a free Android application online

Using Appery to build Android apps is quick and easy. Everything happens in the cloud, no need to write code or install a tool. You simply create your user interface through the drag-and-drop option. You will have the opportunity to develop web apps or hybrid applications.

Appery also offers a catalog of plugins which allows you to add certain functions to your application. What is special about this tool? You can share your project with other business users, customers or developers in real time. This collaborative mode is very useful if you have to report to your team, your superior or your customers.


You don’t need to be a pro in creating free Android apps to use Swiftic !

This instant app builder ranks among the best no-code tools on the market, due to the variety of features available to engage your users and fulfill your goals:

Advanced analytics that track app performance
A drag-and-drop interface
m-commerce support
User rating
Loyalty/coupon programs
The ability to create a custom menu, RSS and social feeds
Customizing app appearance and functions
Monetization features and push notifications
The creation process is done in three simple steps thanks to dozens of themes available, classified by category.


Bubble allows you to create a prototype to test your ideas before publishing your application. You don’t even need a web server, the tool takes care of hosting your project.

This free Android application creation software offers a library of pre-built templates and features to quickly get an app up and running. Using the drag and drop function, you build your tool very easily. You can even add dynamic content and build a multilingual app. Convenient if you want to deploy it internationally.


Flipabit is an Android application creation software with a wide possibility of customization. You have the choice between customizing an already available template or using the drag and drop function to create your own design from scratch.

Apps created with Flipabit are automatically compatible with iOS and Android, although you can choose to develop your app for a specific platform. The other advantage of the tool remains the option of adding advanced features. But, for this, you need to have coding and JavaScript knowledge.

This software allows you to create an unlimited number of applications and publish them on Google Play.

Learn the basics of creating a free Android app

The second solution to create your Android application for free is to develop it yourself from A to Z. But for that, you will have to learn a programming language and train yourself in how an Android application works.

If you don’t have prior development skills, you’ll also need to learn the basics of coding. Even if you are thinking of opting for free and no-code Android application creation software, knowing how to develop will allow you to fully customize your app.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty at all, we advise you to turn to a freelance Android developer who will carry out all the technical tasks for you.

Among the essential prerequisites for creating your Android application, you will need:

  1. Learn the basics of the Java language

The first answer to the question “how to create your Android application for free?” is: know the Java programming language. It is the most used to create Android applications. Even if it is gradually being replaced by Kotlin as the official language, you will find it in the SDK (Software Development Kit) of each app.

There are many resources and platforms online to train you in using Java. They will help you to understand the environment of this language, the handling of character strings, operators, etc.

  1. Familiarize yourself with how Android works
    Before you start creating your Android application, you must know how this operating system works. An Android application is made up of technical elements and concepts specific to it:

Activities: they contribute to the user experience of the Android application.
Services: they work in the background, even when the user is not using the application.
Content providers: They manage a shared set of application data that you can store in the file system, in an SQLite database, or on the web.
Broadcast receivers: they allow push notifications to be broadcast outside the application.
Intentions: they activate 3 of the 4 components mentioned above. Including services, activities and broadcast receivers.

  1. Study the documentation provided by Google
    As a beginner Android app developer, you should thoroughly study all the information that Google has available to you.

You can access it on Android’s official developer site . They are available both for online consultation and for download, with their respective SDKs.

  1. Start with a prototype
    Prototypes help you create a high-performance application that meets your expectations.

With a tool like NinjaMock , you’ll be able to preview the look and design of your app without writing a single line of code.

Seek help from an Android app builder

Even if you have scoured all the resources dealing with how to create your Android application for free, you will still encounter difficulties. If this happens, you need an expert look. Feel free to ask a more experienced Android app developer for help by placing an ad on Codeur.com .

The Android community is one of the largest. Whether in forums, developer communities on social networks or specialized blogs, you will find help to master the programming language of Java applications or to solve problems.

Our tip for creating your Android application

It’s tempting to turn to these tools for free Android app creation. However, you have to adapt to how they work. In other words: they leave little room for creativity!


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