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How to Convert a Bubble App to Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Do you want to turn your existing Bubble App into a mobile application without writing a single line of code?

Nowadays, most browsing is done from smartphones and tablets, so it is essential to have a responsive web design (adapted to all devices). However, even with a responsive website, the user experience remains incomparable to that of a mobile application. Luckily, if you use Bubble, converting your app into a mobile application is easier than you think.

Bubble web view templates and app builders are a simple and affordable way to turn your Bubble App into a mobile app. They are perfect for a non-technical person – no mobile application development experience is required!

Bubble App web view templates and mobile app builders turn your app into a responsive application that can be used on all mobile devices. And any changes or updates you make to your website will be immediately reflected in the mobile application.

The differences between responsive mobile sites and mobile apps

A study shows that 51% of smartphone users report finding new products and brands by searching from their mobiles. Making your content easily accessible to smartphone and tablet users is an obvious step.

However, if you have a responsive website, you may wonder about the usefulness of an app. It’s true that an app can be a bit of an investment, and you may not want to waste your budget on an unnecessary feature.

But when analyzed more closely, websites and mobile apps have different purposes. Offering both options allows you to meet all demands, so you can provide your users with everything they need, while building your brand.

A website allows you to reach anyone on the Internet, not just your users. Through SEO, your website is the key to search engine rankings, and acquiring new leads. It’s also a way to reach users who may not yet be inclined to download your app on their smartphone. A website will help you gain visibility, build brand credibility and establish yourself.

Native mobile apps, on the other hand, are much more effective than responsive sites when it comes to building user loyalty and increasing conversion rates. Mobile applications convert on average 3 times more than a website. This is because:

Mobile apps offer better performance, including faster loading speeds.

You can access native device features such as camera, GPS, but most importantly… Push Notifications.

In fact, push notifications is probably the main selling point for marketers. They remind users to log in regularly and come back to your application.

By combining the advantages of a responsive site and a mobile app, you get the best of both worlds.

Thanks to tools like GettingNative, you can now create an app easily, without having to write a single line of code and use plugins to convert your Bubble App into a mobile app. There’s no reason not to have both anymore!

Turn your Bubble App into a native application with GettingNative

GettingNative allows you to convert your Bubble App into a native application for iOS and Android very easily. We integrate your site with WebView technology to make the process extremely simple and inexpensive.

The creation of your application is done in 3 easy steps:

1. You submit the URL of your Bubble App and the logo you want to use for the application loading page

2. We create your application and send you a download link within 72 hours (excluding weekends)

3. Once your app is uploaded, you can submit it to the Google and Apple stores.

Your Bubble App now has a native mobile app for Android and iOS!

The PWA option

Don’t feel ready to invest in a native mobile app yet? Then a Progressive Web App option is the way to go. With a Progressive Web App, you get the best of both worlds, mobile and native.

Much faster to create and publish, the main advantage of a PWA is that it can be added to the home screen of a user’s device, giving the appearance of a mobile application. No download is required, just share the URL of your web application, and you’re done! Your users now have access to the best mobile version of your Bubble App.

If you’re ready to expand your online presence and complement your Bubble App with a mobile app, let us create your app now.


With GettingNative, you can convert all kinds of web sites or apps (HTML, PHP, WordPress, Games, Drupal, WiX, Softr, Bubble, Webflow, …) into native apps for iOS and Android.

Turn your website into a native app

We convert your mobile website into a native app with custom splash screen and unlimited push notifications