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Convert website to webview app

Webview apps are an easy and secure way to display content on your Android or iOS devices. When you create a webview app, you essentially assemble an app that shows content from the internet and is controlled using your phone’s usual user interface. There are several reasons why you might want to build a webview app, including:

  • Convert your Shopify store into a native app
  • Turn your LMS (Learning Managment system) into an app
  • You can use a webview app to avoid the cost associated to the developpement a classic app .

What is a webview app?

A webview app is a mobile application that uses a browser to display content from the internet. Basically, your website will be rendered inside the app while giving you to opportunities to use native functions of the mobile such as push notifications.

What are the benefits of webview app?

One of the most important benefits of using a webview app is that it can enable business owners with limited budget access to build their own native app.
You don’t have to worry about updates or maintenance costs as there won’t be any. As technology evolve, you might want to update it from time to time but generally speaking, as long as your website is up and running, your app will be up to date.

Can we convert any website to android or iOS app?

Yes, you can use the gettingnative to make your website into an android or iOS app. You can either create a brand new native app or convert your existing website into one.

How to convert a website to an app?

To create a webview app you must have an Android Studio project that includes the following:

  • A layout for your website (alternatively, you can just use a blank layout)
  • The necessary code to load the website in the app when it is opened
  • A manifest file that describes which permissions your app needs to run

Once you have all of these items, you will want to create a new Android Studio project. You should also add any dependencies your project requires. If any resources are available like images or stylesheets, they will be automatically linked to your new project. In order to build and run your webview app on a device, make sure that it is connected to the internet. Once everything is set up, you can start coding!

Some other options include the use of native app builders (Adalo, Goodbarber …)

Convert website to android app with push notifications

If you want your website to be accessible on Android or iOS devices with push notifications, then you will need to build a native app (as opposed to Progressive web apps for instance). This means building both the android side of your app (the “backend”) and the webview side of your app, which allows users to display content from your website. Then, you can use services like OneSignal to send unlimited Push notifications for free..

What are the costs to convert website to app?

There are costs associated with creating a webview app. Generally speaking, you will need to purchase a developer license for your website, which may be expensive depending the tool you choose to create your app. Gettingnative will create your native apps (ios + Android) for $69.

You will then need to open developper accounts on both Apple and Android App stores to submit your app.

There is a charge to open a developer account with Google and Apple.

You must pay a one-time cost of $25 to open a Google developer account, sometimes referred to as a Google Play Console account and a $99 yearly charge to open an Apple developer account, often known as an App Store Connect account. With both your Google and Apple developer accounts, you can upload an unlimited number of apps.


With GettingNative, you can convert all kinds of web sites or apps (HTML, PHP, WordPress, Games, Drupal, WiX, Softr, Bubble, Webflow, …) into native apps for iOS and Android.

Turn your website into a native app

We convert your mobile website into a native app with custom splash screen and unlimited push notifications